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Compactor Receivers

Bucks® Fabricating offers both a Rectangular and Octagon style Compactor Receiver. They are built to attach to a commercial compactor. These compactors often deliver compaction forces of 25 tons or more of force into the container. These containers are often called “packers.”



Bucks® offers Compactor Receivers in two styles: Octagon and Rectangular.

Our Rectangular Compactor Receiver is built to stand up to continued use.

Unlike the Rectangular, the Octagon Compactor Receiver does not have corners. This feature prevents material from getting stuck in the container, allowing for easy dumping.

Standard Colors:
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  • Auger Ring
  • 8″ or 12” cross member spacing
  • Crash plate
  • Sign plates
  • Dog house supports
  • Variety of Hook-Ups available

Bucks® Fabricating Octagon
Packer Receiver Spec Sheet
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Bucks® Fabricating Rectangular
Packer Receiver Spec Sheet

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Manufacturer’s Warranty

All Bucks® Fabricating products are manufactured to high quality standards using top grade commercial steel to exceed our customer’s needs. Additionally, all Bucks® products include the best manufacturer’s warranty in the industry.

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