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Concrete Washout

Bucks® Fabricating is a strategic partner with Concrete Washout Systems, Inc. (CWS). Concrete Washout Systems, Inc. (CWS) has addressed this serious challenge in keeping regulatory agencies and advocacy groups satisfied while protecting and balancing the interests of the concrete and construction industry.


usa-toughBucks® Fabricating is a manufacturer of the CWS container that is widely accepted across North America as the answer to regulatory and construction uses of concrete.  The container design comes in ramp versions for concrete pumper trucks and rampless for other concrete trucks. Contact CWS for ordering containers and enrolling in their system of contractor easy regulatory handling of concrete waste for recycling or disposal. Click Here to view the CWS website for more details.

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Bucks® Fabricating
Concrete Washout Spec Sheet

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Manufacturer’s Warranty

All Bucks® Fabricating products are manufactured to high quality standards using top grade commercial steel to exceed our customer’s needs. Additionally, all Bucks® products include the best manufacturer’s warranty in the industry.

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