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Double Rolling Roof

Double Rolling Roof boxes are a completely sealed containers with large sliding lids for transporting contaminated soil, sludge, drill turnings, remediation and other chemical wastes from the oil and gas industry.



Popular in the Oil and Gas industry as well as Waste Hauling, the Double Rolling Roof container is ideal for hauling sludge materials. The tailgate and roofs on these units are sealed and water tight tested. When both lids are open there is an 11 ½ foot opening for dumping material into the container.

Standard Colors:
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  • Built to customer specifications
  • No center cross member
  • Tested water tight
  • Dewatering option available
  • Fittings to Customer Specifications

Bucks® Fabricating Rolling
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Manufacturer’s Warranty

All Bucks® Fabricating products are manufactured to high quality standards using top grade commercial steel to exceed our customer’s needs. Additionally, all Bucks® products include the best manufacturer’s warranty in the industry.

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